EasyBuild User Meeting (EUM’23)

24/04/2023 – 26/04/2023 all-day
Imperial College London / Hybrid

Registration is free and open, please follow this link:
Deadline for registration is Sunday 2 April 2023.


Places for physical attendance are limited but then we got nearly unlimited Zoom places if you want to ask question, or watch it live or later on YouTube if you want to watch it with your favourite drink.


EasyBuild is software which is installing software from source, including all of the dependencies, in a reproducible manner. The user meeting will bring together the community and we will have Keynote speakers like Ian Cutress (“Emerging Technologies and Silicon for HPC: Not all Cores are Equal”) and TechTalks like from Jan-Patrick Lehr (“AOMP: OpenMP Target Offloading for AMD GPUs”), next to user experiences like for example from Israel Vieira (“User experience with EasyBuild deploying Health-GPS Microsimulation to Imperial HPC”). Imperial is using EasyBuild on the HPC cluster since March 2022 and we are very actively contributing to the community.


Following the three day user meeting is a two day hands-on tutorial, for those of you who are new to EasyBuild or simply want to get more experiences. As the tutorial is hands-on, you will need to be there in person. Registration for this will be opening soon, so watch this space.