Committee Elections 2023

We are looking for nominations for Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Communications Officer by 20 Dec 2023. Full description below. We are also looking for people who are interested in becoming involved in Equality and Diversity activities.


This is your chance to get involved and help set the direction of the community. Please do consider standing. If you want to get an idea of what being on the committee entails, feel free to contact any of the current committee and they would be happy to discuss with you.


The HPC-SIG Committee will host an online SIG meeting (Via Teams or Zoom) at 1400-1600 GMT, Wednesday 24th January 2024 to hold elections for the posts of Vice-Chair, Secretary and Communications Officer on the executive committee. Details of the responsibilities of these posts is included at the end of this email but, in general, everyone in the executive committee helps out in whatever way they can as time allows so these are not strictly followed. The current incumbents are more than happy to discuss the roles with any potential candidates – please do get in touch via email or on Slack. Note, the position of Chair is *not* up for election in these elections as the current Chair (Ed Edmondson) has only been in post for 1 year out of the 2 year tenure.


Becoming a member of the executive committee is an excellent opportunity to help shape and support our community and, from personal experience, I can say that it is an extremely rewarding and enjoyable thing to do. I hope you will consider standing for election and bring your enthusiasm and ideas to the HPC-SIG.


Election process:


Nominations for these posts are to be submitted to the secretary ( by the 1600 GMT, 20th Decemeber 2023. The process for nominations is as follows:


– Only people from Full member organisations may be nominated to stand for election.

– Only primary contacts from Full member organisations can nominate; it is expected that primary contacts would consult with other SIG members from their home institution regarding nominations although this is not required.

– Nominees will also require a seconder. The seconder must be a primary contact from a full member organisation.

– Primary contacts may not nominate other members from their home institution.

– Primary contacts may not nominate themselves.

– It is required that nominators will seek the consent of nominees.


If you wish to stand for election to any of the posts, please arrange for the post you are applying for, your nominator and secondor to be recorded by the secretary at the earliest opportunity and by 1600 GMT 20th December 2023 at the very latest.


On the 21st December 2023 the secretary will confirm that the nominees are eligible and still willing to stand.  Each nominee will be asked to submit a brief biography and platform statement for dissemination to the membership.  This will have a clear word count of 1,000 word maximum and a deadline for submission of 1600 GMT, 12th January 2024.


All members will be sent the biographies and platform statements of the nominees and informed as to who the primary contact is for their institution and their role in the voting process.  This email will be sent out before the 17th January 2024.


Voting will take place at an online HPC-SIG meeting at 1400-1600 GMT, Wednesday 24th January 2024.  The voting process will be as follows:


– The Vice Chair of the Executive will introduce each nominee for a post in turn and identify who has seconded that nominee.

– Each nominee for the posts on the Executive will be given 5 minutes to make a short presentation supporting their case for election.  The membership will then be offered the opportunity to ask any questions they might have. Biographies and platform statements will be available on the HPC-SIG website from the 17th January 2024 and will have been distributed to all members by the secretary prior to the HPC-SIG meeting.

– Once all nominees for each post have made their presentations and have been questioned by the membership, primary contacts will be asked in turn to indicate who their institution would like to vote for.  Voting will be by primary members in family name in A-Z order.

– The secretary will record the votes cast using the table below and which will have the first three columns pre-populated ahead of the meeting:


Full Member Institution

Primary Contact

Secondary Contact

Vote for Vice Chair

Vote for Secretary

Vote for Communications Officer



Only Primary contacts will be allowed to vote for a nominee.  Where the Primary contact for a particular Full Member organisation is not able to attend the SIG event, a secondary contact from that organisation may be delegated the responsibility for voting on behalf of that organisation.  The Primary contact needs to inform the vice-chair of the name of the person who has been delegated responsibility for voting ahead of the meeting.


Primary contacts from full member organisations may only vote for one nominee for each post.


Where the Primary contact is standing for a post, their site’s vote will be counted as being in favour of the Primary contact.


Votes cast for a post will be counted by the SIG Executive and confirmed with members. 


In the event of a tie, those nominees who received less votes than the tied nominees will drop out and another vote will take place.  ALL Primary contacts from full member organisations will be asked to vote again but just for the tied nominees.


In the event of a second tie, where the number of nominees has been reduced to two, the deciding vote will be cast by the Vice Chair.


The person selected to the post will be the nominee who secures the most votes from the voting members.


All members will be informed by email of the results of the election no later than 5 working days after the SIG meeting.