2015 National e-Infrastructure Survey Report

2015 Report from the NeI Project Directors Group summarising the current state of the UK NeI, reporting on recent capital investments and integration activities. Progress from the 2014 report and a number of recommendations are made based on the findings, with the intention of helping place the NeI on a more sustainable footing, underpinning UK research and innovation that is globally leading.


  • Martin Hamilton, JISC, NeI PDG (Editor)

  • Clare Jenner, UCL, DiRAC, NeI PDG

  • Jacky Pallas, UCL, eMedlLab, Farr, NeI PDG

  • Alan Real, Leeds, N8, HPC-SIG

  • Andrew Richards, Oxford

  • Jeremy Yates, UCL, DiRAC, SKA, NeI PDG

NeI PDG – UK National E-Infrastructure Survey 2015 Report