Research Software Engineer Association

The Research Software Engineer Network and association is a community and career building effort for RSEs, that may often be employed creating software for use on high performance computing systems.

Software Sustainability Institute

The SSI promotes sustainability of code, code quality, community building, and others, that can help ensure that software developed in universities which may employ high performance code can flourish.


EPCC is a centre for excellence in high performance and parallel computing. It also hosts Archer.

Hartree Centre

The Hartree Centre is a collaborative endeavour with IBM to provide academia and industry with supercomputing facilities. It complements Archer.

Tier 2

Tier 2 is the layer of HPC sites that sit above the Tier 3, or university resources, and are bigger than most university systems. Tier 2s are an EPSRC initiative, and have a dedicated web page. Information on the previous generation of Tier 2 and also other related sites can be found here.


PRACE is PaRtnership for Advanced Computing in Europe, and is the ‘Tier 0’ site.


Archer is the Tier 1 site for the UK.


The Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation in the USA is an educational nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with member institutions representing many of the nation’s most forward-thinking universities and computing centers.


The EPSRC Tier-2 HPC centres and ARCHER have been working together to create a community website where people can get information on HPC facilities in the UK that have mechanisms available for them to apply to. This is an Open Source website that anyone in the community is welcome to contribute to. The source is …