Website https://n8cir.org.uk/ Contact enquiries@n8cir.org.uk Purpose N8 CIR is a centre of excellence in computationally intensive research. It aims to build communities, skills and facilities to underpin the strategic research objectives of the N8 (Northern 8 research intensive) universities. As part of this, is home to Bede, the EPSRC funded Tier 2 HPC resource.

RSE Leaders

Website https://society-rse.org/community/rse-groups/ Contact TBA (very soon) Purpose Ensuring that research organisations are provided with sufficient access to research software engineers

IRIS – eInfrastructure for Research In STFC

Website https://iris.ac.uk Contact j.hays@qmul.ac.uk, Andrew.Sansum@stfc.ac.uk, support@iris.ac.uk Purpose IRIS is a cooperative community driven project helping develop and grow the joined-up digital research infrastructure that will allow STFC and related communities to continue to play a leading role in world class science.

Women in High Performance Computing

Website https://womeninhpc.org/ Contact info@womeninhpc.org Purpose (from the website) To promote, build and leverage a diverse and inclusive HPC workforce by enabling and energising those in the HPC community to increase the participation of women and highlight their contribution to the success of supercomputing. To ensure that women are treated fairly and have equal opportunities to …

Tier 2 Technical Working Group (TWG)

Website https://www.hpc-uk.ac.uk/  https://github.com/hpc-uk Contact tier2-twg-contact@mlist.is.ed.ac.uk Purpose The Tier 2 TWG aims to promote the sharing of expertise involved in running Tier 2 services. The group is made up of service managers, system administrators, RSEs and user support team members.

STFC Scientific Computing – Computational Science

Website https://www.scd.stfc.ac.uk Contact Barbara.montanari@stfc.ac.uk Purpose STFC Scientific Computing supports some of the UK’s most advanced scientific facilities and provides expertise, tools and services that enable the scientific community to discover and deliver vital research.

RUGRIT – Russell Universities Group Research IT

Website http://www.rugit.ac.uk/ Contact Richard Christie richard.christie@kcl.ac.uk (RUGRIT Chair) Purpose RUGRIT is a special interest group comprising Research IT leaders from the leading UK Research Universities. Membership is automatically available to all Universities within the defined ‘Russell Group’. The group provides a forum for seniors in research IT (as distinct from ‘enterprise IT’) to share best …


Website https://www.jisc.ac.uk Contact Christopher.Walker@jisc.ac.uk, Victoria.Moody@jisc.ac.uk Purpose Jisc provides a number of cross institution services across the university sector. Jisc’s  strategic priority is the development and operation of sustainable infrastructure for research


Website https://jasmin.ac.uk Contact support@jasmin.ac.uk; adrian.hines@stfc.ac.uk Purpose JASMIN provides storage and compute facilities to enable data-intensive environmental science.