Exhibitor Engagements

This will get expanded on with more comments and images. Due to the sheer size of the exhibitor hall it is only possible to scratch the surface without several people and coordination.

  • Lenovo: discussed the cloud platform from Nimba (cloud in Dallas but also can use on-premise and multi-cloud) and purchases of kit.
  • Atos: brief visit, looking at hardware.
  • AWS: discussed workflow including PBS Pro, etc in the cloud, Ronin, costing models, cost control.
  • Microsoft: seemed everyone was talking in a huddle,
  • AMD: talked about EPYC and Fluent. About a 50% uplift on average over equivalent cost Intel (I can’t verify the costing), tailing off a bit at higher core counts.
  • Google: discussed why Google Compute isn’t well represented in UK Academia. Apparently there will be a new push on this soon. Some other information has apparently already gone out on HPC Wire about some other offerings. ML support emphasised.
  • Another company offering monitoring (name to come)

The above will be expanded on and there will be more exhibitor visits tomorrow.