In Denver, orienting

I am now in Denver. I have been communicating with my mentee and we may meet today before the exhibitors’ reception, or tomorrow. The early career orientation session related to this is tomorrow and there is also the first timer’s meeting. I’ll blog some of the mentoring experience in due course, but that requires agreement from the person being mentored.

Other than that Monday is very much free to talk to exhibitors and anyone else of interest. To support this I’ve placed a question on (event E374) to ask which exhibitors you might want me to talk to, and of course that might change as I blog experiences. I haven’t done that as a poll as there would be far too many options.

Polls will be going live a bit later to allow you to suggest which sessions I go to or what else I do, and that will be supported by blogging outcomes here.

I will also look to put up a word cloud as a sort of wider form of survey so people can type in their personal interests in a free-form way and I can see the top choices and go and do something that broadly reflects those interestes.